Second wedding cake …. another success!


Don’t you love it when the end product looks great?  I am not one person to stick strictly to drafts or sketches.  I usually go with the flow. I may change the way things look last minute.  And still love the end result.

I knew it had to be purple – or a shade thereof – and grey or silver. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the groom’s mother could not define (or was it decide) the colour, but from the picture, I wasn’t very far off 🙂 It was another memorable wedding – as you can see from the picture below. See if you can pick me out?



I did not have much trouble this time around with transporting the cake to Singapore. Yet again, the crew from Singapore Airlines (ground and air) are so helpful. They had actually allowed me to embark the plane earlier with the kids :-). I had to ensure that I had the overhead compartment for my cake and that no one would put their bags on the top. (One guy did try and I gave him the evil eye!) Fortunately, the cake and the flowers all arrived intact.

Before I left Sydney, I was debating on how to design the cake. For the bottom layer I used styrofoam. As I decided not to cover it with fondant I looked at two options which could cover the styrofoam cake sufficiently or would hardly be noticeable – by either using petals or leaves.  When I was in Sydney, I decided on petals but changed my mind when I was in Singapore.  What can you say? Women are allowed to be fickle!

I had all the other flowers done in Sydney, so I only had the bottom layer to complete and the assembly of the final cake. As I did not have all my tools and fondant roller with me, I had to use the silver cake board to cover the top of the styrofoam.  It blended very well, plus the cake was placed on the stage, hence it did not become an issue.

The first wedding cake was a fruit cake. It was dense and as taught in class can be packed (where necessary).  I had also covered it in marzipan which helped in ensuring a sharper edge (though mine was not so sharp) and a smoother finish.  As I got the thumbs up to do a chocolate mud this time, I was super worried. Worried that the cake would not turn out well, worried about doing a ganache and absolutely terrified at covering it with the fondant.

So, I tried three different recipes and found the American Mud Cake recipe (click on the link to see recipe) was the best of all.  I made it twice and both times were a success. To top it, the cake tasted so much better day after day.  So this boosted my confidence.

When it came to ganaching, I had to seek the help of my other half.  He is so good at cementing and building walls that I thought he would be a great help.  And so he was!  We had the leveller and the 90-degrees angle out.  All the cakey stuff like the smoother went out of the window.  We had proper tradies stuff!

spirit levelmGFVITTE_A-IKwxabe_UCfw

So I had sorted and overcame my two worries.  The last one and I am sure that many cake decorators can share this worry or probably phobia – covering with fondant.   I bought “The Mat” and being new (as well as a newbie at using it), I had to work so hard when rolling it out. I was so glad that I had already decided to not cover the bottom tier.  The top tiers were made up of two 7″ cakes. At that point, I had not decided how I would assemble my cake. So, I covered both with fondant.  So that was doubly hard!  My arms ached for the next few days.

It was all worth it as I was very pleased with the final end product!  So were the rest of my family and friends.



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