Christmas is around the corner… yet again!

Not that I am not looking forward to it, but time flies… so fast that I have not even got a breather from last year’s Christmas!  Actually, I knew that Christmas is coming like 5 months ago.. when the shops start to display their Christmas goodies.  Can you imagine, right after the Easter buns?  Now I think you can get Easter buns any time of the year.

Anyway, I have been looking at various cook books and gone online to find the perfect Chocolate Fruit Cake recipe.  Why chocolate, you may ask… well because it is non traditional and we love chocolate (especially dark).

I may end up doing two – “A big bold, beautiful chocolate fruit cake” by Belinda Jeffery (just because I love the way she calls it) and the “Apricot and pecan white christmas cake” (yet again – because I could decide 🙂 by Maureen McKeon from her “Crave: A passion for chocolate” recipe book.

I decided to go ahead with Maureen McKeon’s recipe and started early the next morning… after a lot of procrastination the cake did not go into the oven until 11am!  The recipe called for two 9″ round or 8 1/2″ square tins and the baking temperature at 160 deg for around 1 1/2 hours.  Guess what?  I decided to use a 7 1/2 inch and a 6 inch cake tins. OK… I totally get the temperature as this is the one thing which I don’t wish to muck up – even used the temperature gauge to ensure that the temp is correct.  However, because of the tins I used, I totally messed up on the baking time.  I took out both tins after 60 mins.  After cooling them in the tin for about 1 hour, I took them out and shucks!!!  The 6 inch cake was totally undercooked.  Even though both the cakes had lightly brown and flat tops.  I was ecstatic but not for long.   So how now… brown cow??  No choice really, ate what was edible – tasted really nice though – and chucked out the middle bits. Hmmmmmp!

A week later, the mood for baking returned and I took out Belinda Jeffery’s “Desserts” recipe book.  The recipe called for a bundt tin, which I did not have, and hence I used the same 7 1/2 and 6 inch cake tins.  I was very careful with the timing this time.  But guess what?  The neighbour came in for a chat! I could not tell the 83 year old lady to go home!  So the cakes ended up slightly overcooked (by 15 minutes).   Hmmmmpppp!  I told myself it would be ok if I keep the cake refrigerated for at least 5 days (that is what was recommended by Belinda J). So I wrapped and stored the cakes after brushing it with a whole lot of Grand Marnier – $50 a bottle!!!.  We cut one of the cakes and had it last night and it tasted delicious!  So worth the expense 🙂


Note for myself:  For the 7 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/2 inch height, the cooking time should be about 70 minutes and the 6 inch with 2 inch height should be about 90 minutes. 






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