Ganaching is no longer my responsibility

Ganaching is no longer my responsibility as I have given this task to my other half (as you can I have recently found Michelle’s, from InspiredbyMichelle, method on how to ganache a cake using L-shaped ruler and leveller.  My other half is so good at building walls and cementing that I knew if I gave him the same materials, he would have no problem at applying the same rule and methodology except on a cake!

True enough he did such a fabulous job on my second wedding cake.

I cannot totally absolve myself of this responsibility, so I viewed several videos and they had helped me to become a better (slightly) ganacher but most importantly built up my confidence.  Since there are so many ways to ganache a cake, no matter which way you choose, you need to practise, practise, practise…. So if it does not turn out the first time, don’t be disheartened.  Oh by the way, the sharp edges thing. Not all cakes must have sharp edges. According to Michelle (her personal tip) it all depends on the theme. If you have laces and wants to add softness or vintage to the entire look, preferably go for the rounded look.  If you are aiming for a patterned or an abstract design, then the sharp edge would be more outstanding.

Click on the following links to watch Michelle’s videos:

Another great video and step by step guide is from  Torta Couture Cake.  She uses the mix of the upside down method (which is also used by Faye Cahill).  More tips and notes on ganaching by her can be found on her Facebook.

Click on these links for the tutorials:

As a preface, depending on where you live cake boards will differ that is they are not the size they say they are.  A 6” double thick cake card is smaller than 6” which makes it a nightmare for ganaching because it means you need to trim your cakes,  Many cake decorators are now using acrylic Perspex circles that are exactly a half inch larger than whatever cake size i.e. a 6” has a 6.5” circle underneath it.  This allows for a good quarter inch of ganache all the way round the cake.   I like the use of a square wooden (can be plastic or glass, I suppose) top placed on the turntable whilst you ganache – see “Simply Ganache Tutorial” by the Three Little Blackbirds.



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