Ice-cream for breakfast?


Yes, I did and it was simply deliciously sinful :-).   When I made the meringue yesterday, I had the five egg yolks sitting on the bench.  Usually, any recipes which requires more than 2 eggs, be it cakes or ice-cream or sauces, would turn me off completely.  That is why I love Belinda Jeffery’s “Dulche de leche” ice-cream as no eggs are required (of course, it is still fattening with the condensed milk and thickened cream!).

I did not want to chuck out the yolks and (of course) our ice-cream is running low, so I went through my collection and decided on the ‘Honey and Macadamia Nut Ice Cream’ from the “Live & Cooking @ Lizotte’s Restaurant”  cook book.  I did not follow the recipe to the letter as I was running late and I had not even started on dinner.  We wanted to eat before our ballroom lesson.  It could be because of the heavy meal that I plodded, instead of flowing through the steps, towards the end of the lesson.

I kept the cooled mixture in the refrigerator and churned it this morning.  That was why I had ice-cream for breakfast.  It was really yummy!

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