Lining cake tin, so why bother taking the extra effort …

to line your cake tin? We know that we need to choose and prepare the cake tin well in advance before making the mixture.  My cake decorating instructor agreed BUT (always a but..) she said that you should only prepare the baking paper first – that means only cutting to size.  Very interesting.  According to the cook books which I have read and online tutorials (internet), the preparation includes cutting and lining the tins (double layer) with baking paper and then layers of newspaper are wrapped around the outside.  She (my instructor), however, did not mention the additional wrapping of the newspaper, not sure if she herself does not practise this or have forgotten to mention.  I know that our auntie in England who uses an arger (oven) to bake her cakes, places her lined/wrapped cake (brown paper and newspaper) in a wooden box before putting it in the oven.  Her cakes taste heavenly! 

Oh.. just to be clear, I am a newbie at this and am always looking forward to learning more and in as many different ways as they come. Therefore, it becomes more of a challenge to me than a confusion. So, am not saying that any one way of lining the cake is correct.  AS LONG AS the cake does not come out of the tin misshapen, have rounded edges when they come out of a square tin, burnt, dropped (anywhere on the cake) or uneven (base or top) – that means we want a perfect cake!

I have written more about the way (my instructor’s way) under my Cake Decorating Class – see other tab.

I was very frustrated when almost all of my cakes did not turn out nice and even.  During the cake decorating class, my instructor taught us to use the potato masher – stamp down the batter a little at a time, this would diffuse the air bubbles in the cake.  Since most cakes, I understand, must be kept light, I decided not to follow her method, unless I am making fruit cake.  So, time to check the internet and seek thoughts from the Cake Decorators Group.  Some of them have been using towel strips, newspapers, double parchment and brown paper lining and the Wilton strips.  I decided to try out the towel but found it too hard and dried out very fast. So, I bought the Wilton cake strips (below) and my cakes have turned out pretty much level.  Am now a much happier camper!

For more tips on How to bake a level cake visit the iambaker website.




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