You thought there is only one way to make a rose cone??

Dead wrong!  There are many ways to create a rose cone or bud (depending on which method you follow). It is the most important foundation, the first step to make a rose and how much ‘life’ is created or given. Many of us know the ‘standard’ way as we may be taught that way or we may have seen a lot of tutorials.  To make a standard cone roll a piece of gum paste, pinch and roll or twist one end leaving the other end rounded thus forming a tear drop or cone shape.

During my cake decorating class (beginners) my instructor taught us another method – roll a piece of gum paste and pinch and stretch the top and sides of the paste thus forming a rectangle.  Then turn in as tightly as possible at one end and roll. Round the bottom end before inserting either a toothpick or wire. Then pull the middle down gently and push the bottom to form a rounded base of a cone.

cone4 cone5


There is the Nicholas Lodge’s “fish tail bud” method as shown by Bobbie’s Cake Blog – Bend the tip of the  cone and flatten into a “fishtail” shape.  Tuck the right side in tightly and roll the left over the tucked right side.  


It is very enlightening. If I look at it, the Nicholas Lodge’s method is a combination of the ‘standard’ way and my instructor’s way.  Again, do which ever way you feel comfortable, just like the use of the tools.  As for me, starting from the cone is the easiest.  However, I do find that my instructor’s way gives the petals a great beginning, realistic and more life. So does the Nicholas Lodge’s way.


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