My Valentine!

valentineRemember the 4 days affair cake with Belinda Jeffery?  It kind of just made it for Valentine’s Day.  I was very worried when the chocolate ganache turned out to be more runny that I expected.  As far as I know when making a ganache, it would be one part chocolate to two parts cream.  Anyway, I added the whole bar of chocolate to the mixture and left it in the refrigerator to allow it to harden a little. When I took it out an hour later, it was still runny and after I slopped it over the cake, I placed it in the freezer. That definitely hardened the chocolate!!  But not to worry, like all ganache, it softens after 2 seconds!

The cake turned out more than alright…

This recipe is from Belinda Jeffery’s ‘Dessert’ cook book. I did heed her advice …. “You need to start at least 4 days before you want to serve the cake, as the meringue for the layers needs to soften overnight before it can be cut; and the finished cake is best left a day or two so that layers soften and meld together in the most satisfyingly squishy way. The result is a gorgeous, surprisingly light, yet luscious dessert….” and she is definitely not wrong there!. You can (almost) forgive the layers of chocolate ganache, cream filling and crunchy praline.

Serves 8 – 10

I served this with the macadamia ice-cream.

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