What a (Pineapple) Tart!

Pineapple tart

Best Pineapple Tart

Come Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa, Asia becomes a haven for yummy delectable cookies.  If you wish to attempt this freakingly fiddly but which melts in your mouth tarts, I have posted my recipe here (hover your cursor under BLOG and click on the Recipe page).  If you want to do away with the fiddling,  you can buy the mould.  As I prefer the hand crimped tart, I used both the mould and the crimper.

As for the filling, you can buy them at the supermarket but I have cooked my own as I love the sourness which balances the sweetness from the loads of sugar. If I am short of time, I will cook a small batch of paste (from 2 grated pineapples) and then mix in the store bought paste. In this way, I am able to manage the sweetness and the grated pineapple would provide more texture. I have tweaked this recipe, which has been handed down, and added a little knob of  butter at the end of the cooking. It gives a sheen and some brightness to the colour.

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