Nothing beats face to face for sugarpaste….

flowers, that is…

For making sugarpaste flowers, especially when you are a newbie like me, it would be much better to attend a class. I have derived a lot of benefit from attending Michelle Rea’s (InspiredbyMichelle) dahlia and English rose class.  Only when you are in the class, are you able to feel and see and yes, most importantly listen as there are always plenty of tips which you can pick up not only from the teacher but also from those around you or the students.  Unfortunately, we have been given very little written instructions and we were too busy rolling out the paste, thinning, veining and arranging that I did not take down any notes.

The following steps are just to help me when I need to recreate this beautiful dahlia. This is not meant to be a tutorial.

For classes contact Michelle.


1. Materials:

  • petal cutter (FMM daisy cutter)
  • veiner set ( including a special clear plastic hooked veiner tool below)
  • very small sharp scissors
  • ball tool
  • foam pad
  • cel board
  • tylose glue
  • Crisco/vegetable shortening
  • 1″ foam ball (25mm)
  • small sharp knife
  • rolling pin
  • tooth picks
  • small calyx cutter
  • drying rack
  • paper wire
  • hot glue
  • green floral tape

2. How to wire the foam ball for more stability for bigger flowers.



3.  Follow the method for these steps:  Roll – cut – thin –  back vein – form – attach.

daisy1 This forms the core of the dahlia.

daisy2  Roll out gum paste thinly and cut around two medium and one large shapes.

daisy4 Place the cut out gum paste on to the daisy cutter and use the rolling pin to imprint out the shape.

dahlia 5A Use the smaller end of the veining tool and back vein the middle of each petal. Begin at edge of petal tip, place tool half on board and half on gum paste petal.

_DSC3516 Form and attach.


4. Cut out 8 + 8 + 8 small petals.  Gently smooth/thin the edges of each petal with a ball tool. Vein (mould) and then back vein (plastic tool) each petal.  Use toothpick and glue to create 8 tight (bottom) + 8 slight (middle) + 8 open (top).  Then attach.



5. Roll + cut + thin + vein + back vein 8 + 5 (reversed) + 8 medium petals. Do the 5 petals first. Reversed means the petals facing out. Then form and attach.
6. Roll + cut + thin + vein + back vein + form + attach 4 + 8 + 4 + ? large petals.


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