The internet is my best friend and now FB….

Are you one of those who have a FB account just because?  You want to know what your kids are up to… You want to be updated as to what is happening within your circle of friends or family…. AND you never post anything about yourself.  Thats me!  Or should I say that WAS me.  Now I live and breathe FB.  By that, I mean, the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing before I go to bed.  Of course, the every 10 minutes during the day 🙂  Am I not a FaceBook(er) fan or what?

If again like me, you want to be on top of on what is going on around you (especially now in the cake decorating circle) you need to always stay online. Always looking out for those specials which others want to flog or swap or the latest creations or the links to other websites with tutorials, etc….

In all my blogs, I have not attempted doing my own step by step or tutorials as there are just so many that can be found on the internet and most of them are good.  Some are really really good.  I don’t feel the need to regurgitate, however, I have added comments based on my own experience.  I will also share with you the sites which have helped me in my journey.

Here are the groups, which I have joined (through FB), and FB pages and have enjoyed the ‘company’ of (just ignore the bitchiness, I always believe that if you don’t have anything nice, keep it to your self):

Cake Decorating Tips Tricks Tutorials and Recipes

Australian Cake Decorators – Hobbyists and Professionals

Cake Decorating Australia

Cake Pricing Australia

I (Heart) Cake Decorating

The Australian Cake Supplies Buy, Sell & Swap Shop

Cake Decorating Chicks Australia

Australian Cake Decorating Network



Below are links to my favourite FB pages of talented cake decorators.

La Lavande Sugar Florist

Kara’s Couture Cake FB and link to her blogspot

Veena’s Art of Cakes (with tutorials every Thursday)

Sharon Wee’s Creations

Inspired by Michelle 

Jessica Harris Cake Design

Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen

Wild Orchid Baking (Erin Gardner)

Sannas Tartor

Bellaria Cakes Design


Sugar Ruffles

Faye Cahill Cake design


With Pinterest you can create your own personal boards and/or to follow other boards (great way for you to pin tutorials, favourite cakes or recipes and best of all a place to find that inspiration).

Juliana’s Cake Techniques and Tutorials

Juliana’s Cake Decorating Boards


I follow and subscribe to:

Wedding Magazine

Cake Geek Magazine

Cakers Bits and Bobs

Sugar flowers by Christine at La Lavande cake boutique

Gum Paste Flowers (pinner: Bonnie Merchant)

Gum Paste (pinner: Aurelia Soleil)

Wedding Cakes (pinner: Jeanne Birmingham)

Beautiful Cakes (pinned: Chorvin Chim)

Cake Wrecks



Call me Cupcake!

Cannelle et Vanille

Diary of Faithy, the Baker

Joe Pastry

Michelle Sugar Art

My Sweet and Saucy

NYC Cake Girl

Pintrest – Cake Techniques & Tutorials

Pintrest – Step by Step

Pintrest – Sugar Craft Tutorials


The Business of Weddings

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle


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