Turned up my nose at cake premixes

No, not again! BUT… yes there is always a BUT… it has to be ONLY Bakels (or Dijon Foods – these are actually Bakels cake premixes which have been repackaged and labelled).  Today, there are so many brands of cake premixes in the market or supermarket (Betty Crocker being the most famous) but I have never tried using them, thinking that making from scratch would taste much better and you would have better control of your ingredients – quality and quantity. That is, until I tried Bakels.

Most cake decorators prefer making from scratch but some of them have resorted to cake premixes to maintain or cut down their costs. As I have been using Bakels fondant (and love it), I decided to try out their cake premixes.  Additionally, these premixes have been highly recommended by many cake decorators around Australia.

I tried the Fruit Cake Mix first and they turned out to be just so… so… so… delicious.  My other half commented that the external texture of the cake is a little papery but the inside is very moist and is not too sweet.  However, the papery texture disappeared when we had another slice the next day.

The instructions behind the packaging is very scant.  I had to read and reread it a couple of times and used my knowledge and experience to understand what “Scale as desired” means.  Even the oven temperature is stated as “between 160 and 170 degrees”. On the White Mudcake premix, the baking time is approximately 1 1/4 hours whilst no baking time is stated on the Fruit Cake Mix.

If this had been given to me three years ago, I would have just shaken my head and probably gave it a go but would have ended up with a really undercooked or overcooked cake – if not charred!  Or I would have just dumped it!  Today, with a little bit more experience and a better understanding of my oven, I was pleased with the way the fruit cake turned out.  As the total baking time was not stated on the packet, I had the timer set for (first) 60 minutes then (second) 40 minutes then (thirdly) 30 minutes  (fourthly) 10 minutes.. Total 2hours and 10 minutes!!!


I have the Mudcake in the oven.  After 1 hour and 15 minutes, the middle is not cooked.  So have turned the timer set to another 30 minutes.  Guess what? It came out perfect!






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