Two weddings for one bride and groom

Yes, same bride and groom but two wedding celebrations – the formal ceremony in July and another wedding celebration in December.  Family is complicated and to appease both sides, that was the best solution.  Hence, we had two wedding cakes.

These were done in between my work related travels (12 trips!); and when a wedding cake was called for, I had to crack my brains to create one that would fit my schedule.  My niece asked for a simple white and silvery grey themed cake.  As I did not have the time to cover the edible cake with fondant, she had to contend with, a “naked” chocolate ganached devils food cake.  It was funny, when the cake was being cut, someone was waiting for the “dummy” thinking that it was a real cake!

The second cake had to be based on the gold theme.  Due to cold weather in Sydney and hot humid weather in Singapore, the cake did not travel well. I had also used for the first time a different fondant – Massa Ticino Sugarpaste. This paste was advertised as versatile and can be used over a wide temperature and humidity range, but I will not use it again for Singapore weather.

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