A wedding cake for display

It has been a long while since I last blogged or posted any thing here.  I have been busy with holding down a job that requires travelling every couple of months and on top of that I have had health issues. In the last 3 years, I have not done a lot of baking, perhaps the occasional birthday cake or a “must try” out cake recipe.  Oh, I entirely forgot to post this wedding “cake” which I made in March this year.  It was a dummy wedding cake which was requested by the bride’s mother.  She wanted to re-use it for another wedding.

It took me three months to complete the flowers due to my hectic schedule. I was told that the color theme was mint and so I searched for mint coloring, mint ribbons, all things mint.  I soon found out that there are so many shades of mint.  And to my horror, even the mint which I chose did not match in any way the “mint” which was the color of the decor!  I was horrified, but too late. I am sure the bride was disappointed but, hey, you did not give me any sample to begin with.

Just to clarify, the color of the wall just happens to be mint, the same mint which I used on the cake 🙂


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