Do you remember your first attempt at making a wedding cake?

My first attempt at making a sugar paste rose is pretty recent – 6 months ago to be exact. Yep.. right after my redundancy. On top of that I had been issued a challenge – to make a wedding cake by 7th December!  I had less than 4 months to learn how to make sugar paste flowers and to bake a fruit cake. Thank goodness for the internet and (huge) help from my sister-in-law.  OMG!  Only then did I realise the (huge) costs involved… the colours, the fondant, the flower paste, the cutters…the list goes on….  I could not afford to take a course so I persevered, making alot of mistakes along the way, but in the end…. voila!

Here are the various sites which have helped me get up to speed with the craft and have resulted in good enough sugar paste flowers to decorate my first wedding cake.

Howcasts by Amy Noelle – her step by step video tutorial is so easy to follow and I picked up a lot of tips from her.  She is a cake designer and in her series of videos, she demonstrates how to make roses, daisies, cherry blossoms, magnolias, tulips, peonies, orchids, and more.

Avoiding and Covering up Sugarpaste Icing Mistakes –  It is inevitable when you are starting out and using sugarpaste icing to cover a cake, that your work will have imperfections and it might be reassuring to know that these can happen to even the most accomplished sugar craft creators.  Knowing what has caused these problems will help you to avoid them in future and when they do occur don’t panic, discard your work or give up in despair.  Here you can find a wealth of ways to cover up a vast range of mistakes both big and small and ultimately no one but you will be any the wiser when you finally present your cake to an admiring audience.

Another simple gum paste flower tutorial by Nicholas Lodge – Simple step by step tutorial for making a rose.


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