White Christmas Chocolate Cake for Valentine?

birthdaycakeWell, actually it is for a birthday, it just happens that it falls on Valentine’s Day.  I chose to make the “Apricot and Pecan White Christmas Cake” a recipe (recipe by Beverley Sutherland Smith in Maureen McKeon’s “Crave a passion for chocolate” cook book) because birthday boy loves fruit cake and chocolates.  So this cake seems like a good choice.  I could not find candied apricots and so have substituted with sweet and juicy apricots and apricot delights.  I added glace cherries to give it a little more colour. I also decided to cut back on the amount of fruits. Did not turn out perfect (the cake dropped a little on one side). My apologies to the birthday boys, but I heard that some people did come back for seconds!

I would definitely do this recipe again. Next time, I would plan better – for example – mix the fruits with a little flour, should be done just before I add in to the mixture. Tie newspapers around the cake tin and place some on the bottom of the cake tin to prevent burning.  And for whatever reason, DO NOT open and close the oven door!  

Am definitely posting this recipe..


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